Welcome To Women In Charge

Our celebration of dominant women is refocusing as  Women In Charge.   Please bear with us whilst the site is being modified to reflect our new and improved outlook.

The new site will hopefully be available soon.
Thanks loads for your patience,

Women In Charge

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3 Responses to Welcome To Women In Charge

  1. karen summers says:

    I find your website excellent, as a submissive male, i would like to know your views on transvestites. many thanks Lady Lubyanka

    • I’m sure I’d have just tons to say about all manner of trans-ily things. I’ve got lots of views on all sorts of stuff. 🙂

      However if you were asking as far as Women In Charge are concerned, then my personal policy is that I welcome trans people as much as I’d welcome as any other human being who fit the criteria of the group.

      I hope that was helpful.

  2. Dave says:

    Hi find your site very good,and you you do reply to queries,as you have mine,thank you Dave

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