Contact Stuff

Even before you contact us, you can really help us out a lot if you check out this stuff about getting in touch with us for the first time.
For general stuff about  Women In Charge,  please see Stuff About Us.

For general information about upcoming  Women In Charge  events, please see News And Stuff.
If you have read through our pages, if you would like more information about specific meetings and events listed here, if you’re interested in learning more about  Women In Charge,  and if you’ve already had a read through this stuff here,  then you can contact us in a bunch of ways.

  • By Email  (in the first instance):
    Please write to:   WomenInCharge   (at)   gmail   (dot)   com

  • By Telephone  (voicemail & sms):
    From Northern Ireland:                0752 788 4951

    From the Republic of Ireland:       085 133 2282

    • We will  only  ring you back if we have already exchanged emails.
    • It is very important that you leave us a contact name and telephone number if you would like us to ring you back.

  • Via This Website:
    We may be reached by using the contact form below.

    Alternatively, you may leave a comment with your contact details in the comment form  (which is below the contact form).

    All comments are moderated, so your comment will not appear immediately.   Any personal contact information you include in a comment will be edited out before your comment appears.

    • It is very important that you contact us in the first place by email.
    • And please include contact details  (such as a valid email address or your name and contact telephone number)  if you would like us to reply to your message.


Important Stuff

  • We take the privacy of our members, prospective members, and guests extremely seriously.   We will  never  share your personal contact information with anyone else without your explicit consent, unless we are legally forced to do so.   All personal information submitted to us will be kept in the  strictest  confidence.

  • We do undertake to safeguard all of your personal details with the utmost vigilance.   However, we have no control over what may be done with your personal information if you inadvertently give it to people other than us.

  • Our actual legitimate contact details may always be found on this page.

See you soon.   🙂

    Women In Charge


Contact Form:


Comment Form:

1 Response to Contact Stuff

  1. submark28 says:

    I hope this really takes off! being a sub in N.Ireland has been a lonely experience with any sort of scene completely hidden.

    Anyway I wish everyone associated with the site all the very best and I hope to maybe meet you all soon.


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