Because of a stalker I had for a very long time  (years)  I kept my identity as the owner of this group private.   I felt really bad about this, because I did so want this group to be represented by an actual human face.   I didn’t like keeping this group as an amorphous, faceless entity.   I really wanted to give this group an accessible human presence.  

On the other hand, I also really wanted to keep all prospective members safe from the harassment which comes with a stalker whose issues are unfathomable.   However much I wanted to share my identity as the owner of this group, it just wasn’t safe for me to reveal it.   So in the interests of everybody’s safety  (including my own),  I kept my identity off this site.  

This is one of the reasons why respecting  and enforcing  the privacy and confidentiality of  all  members is so important to me.

I  did  introduce myself by both my real name  and  my online name to every prospective member who attended a group meet.   I wish more of you had attended.   Still, some of you did, and all of those people all know exactly who I am.

    I thank all of you lovely human beings for coming along to those meets and showing your support.   You showed me that some of you out there share my vision and goals for this group.   That still means a lot to me.   I hope you’ll come again once we’re off the ground in our new form.   πŸ™‚


An Announcementy Moment

At any rate, the point I am getting to  (if you haven’t guessed already)  is that after all that, I am hoping that it is now safe to identify myself as the owner of  Women In Charge.   Since I haven’t had any contact attempts from the stalker for awhile now, I’m going to risk identifying myself publicly as the owner of this group.   In part this is because I think the stalker-related risks to prospective members are reduced to nearly nothing, and in part because I hope that putting a human face on  Women In Charge  will help to make this group feel more accessible to you.

So I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you all.

    Hello world  –  I am the creator, owner, and administrator of the group you know as  Women In Charge,  and many of you know me already  – 
     –  as  Lubyanka.

    I hope to meet some of you soon.   I’m very glad to be here.   πŸ™‚

Warm regards,

Lubyanka  –  on behalf of  Women In Charge.

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